School Workshops

Freestyle football is a great way to get kids active and the best part is all they need is a ball! A great alternative activity for school kids to have a go at.
Steve has several years’ experience of bringing his skills to the school environment; using assemblies to show off his crazy football tricks to amazed kids before teaching them how to do some of his freestyle football through fun and engaging workshops.

The kids have always gone home happy having learned something new ready to impress people and some being inspired enough that they want to continue practicing! It really is about “practice practice practice”, a message not always immediately grasped by children, but Steve is a great communicator to the kids and a positive role model to encourage them through such values.

It’s all about having a go at something new. Whether the kids have never heard of freestyle football before or drive their parents mad practicing in the back garden every day, Steve’s workshops are designed to be fun and challenging and can easily be tailored to suit a variety of ages and abilities.